Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book 32: Deeply, Desperately

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by:  Heather Webber


The irrepressible star of Truly, Madly, is back in business. This time, Lucy Valentine will go to the ends of the earth to find true love for her clients…and maybe even herself.
Lucy wants to breathe new life into her family’s Boston-based matchmaking company. But how? Even though she comes from a long line of ancestors blessed by Cupid with psychic abilities, a freak accident left Lucy with only one special skill: finding things. Car keys, socks in the dryer, needles in haystacks...and now, in a stroke of professional genius, lost loves!

My Thoughts: I love Lucy Valentine, I really do. I find myself laughing as I read, which I don't normally do this out loud. The character of Lucy just makes me smile, can't really explain it. Can't wait to read the third in the series!

My Grade: A+

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