Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book 96: Thrill Ride

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: Rachel Hawthorne


Thrill Ride!
One-day admission: $15
Summer job:
Living on my own (plus roommates)
Rides are free (but avoid the roller coasters—too scary!)
Super-hot coworker . . .
Periodic homesickness
Dressing like Gretel for job in fairyland gift shop
Super-hot coworker . . . and boyfriend back home. Too thrilling!

My Thoughts: Another good summer read about a theme park. Again, I probably really enjoyed it because I use to work in a theme park but still, I really liked this one. It was a quick read (I finished it in a day) and kind of a no-brainier but I like those (as you all know). I look forward to reading more of Rachel Hawthorne's books, and will be soon seeing as I have several on my Nook currently.

My Grade: A+

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