Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book 104: Kill Me If You Can

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: James Patterson


Matthew Bannon doesn't just survive a frightening attack at Grand Central Station; this poor New York art student walks away with the prize of a lifetime: thirteen million dollars worth of diamonds. What young Bannon doesn't yet realize at the beginning of this James Patterson novel is that prize might come at the price of his life. He's being targeted by not one, but two assassins, and nothing in his expensive aesthetic education can prepare him (or us) for the adventures that lay before him in this new James Patterson thriller.

My Thoughts: 

I hadn't read a Patterson in a long time. I sort of got tired of him, which is hard for me to believe! Anyway, I really enjoyed this one. Although, I do have to admit it got a little slow now and then but all in all a good story. I can't say it was way different then some of his others (maybe I've read too many) but it did have a few shockers in it. 

My Grade: B+

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