Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book 75: Icing On The Lake

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: Catherine Clark


Kirsten’s best friends challenge her to find a date for a long weekend trip.  She has a month to do it in, but the thing is, she’ll have to find the date while staying with her sister in the Twin Cities, and taking care of her nephew and her sister, who’s broken her leg skiing.  And it’s January, and freezing outside, she doesn’t know a soul in town, and her nickname isn’t “Cursed Kirsten” for nothing.

My Thoughts: Typical and predictable story but I enjoyed reading this one. The standard old ''girl's friends issue her a challenge to meet a boy'' never gets old for me for some reason. I enjoyed the way Clark wrote the story and look forward to reading her other books. I liked the character of Kristen and could really relate to her. I do have to say though (not to give anything away) but the ending was predictable. 

My Grade: A

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