Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book 74: Love is Random Too

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: Kendall Adams


I was lagging behind everyone in the romance department to the point where it was mortifying. So my best friend talked me into asking out three guys at random—and now they all want to be my boyfriend! I know . . . I shouldn't complain, but I just can't make this decision on my own. So I'm leaving it up to you.
Who's it gonna be? Choose wisely. This is my heart we're talking about!
Love, Quinn

With a room she's half-scared to go into, the burden of being "the new girl," and her old friends all a half-hour car ride away, how will Allie ever learn to fit in?

My Thoughts: So, so cute!!!!!!!!!! I loved this story. It's sort of like Sex and the City for teenagers. I absolutely loved Quinn and how can you not like Kerri too???? The story was really cute and I feel like it's something every girl goes through (especially in their teen years). My favorite thing was how the reader chose which boy she dated (or picked). I of course went ahead and read all three endings but it was sorta ''Pick a path'' meets Young Adult fiction.

My Grade: A

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