Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book 107: Overbite

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: Meg Cabot


Meena Harper is a soap opera writer turned psychic demon hunter who still carries a torch for her vampire ex, Lucien Antonescu—Dracula's morally ambivalent son. Not only is Meena caught between her love for the elusive vampire and her attraction to the hot, but cryptic, demon hunter Alaric Wulf, she's also torn between protecting innocent humans and saving Lucien's soul. Now Lucien returns with a dangerous and mysterious new scheme, while a troop of gung-ho Vatican vampire hunters roll into town. Written in Cabot's usual charming style, this sequel to Insatiable bears the marks of second book syndrome: pages spent awkwardly retelling past events; aimless wandering from subplot to subplot; and the inclusion of characters from the previous book who turn out to be irrelevant to the current story. Full of riffs on everything from The Vampire Diaries to Anita Blake, the book is never quite gripping enough to work as a real vampire drama or funny enough to work as a parody, but may still delight Cabot diehards and vampire completists.

My Thoughts: 

I liked this one better than the first in the series but I am still not crazy about them. I mean they are okay and probably the best vampire books I've read and Cabot's style that I love so much is present but I am still not sure. The story-line is good, again better than the first one and it was a quick read. I may try it again later but for now I'll just say it was okay.

My Grade: B

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