Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book 53: The Truth About Stacey

Barnes and Noble's Description:

Written by: Ann M. Martin


The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes, a secret she keeps from everyone except her new friends in the Baby-sitters Club. But Stacey's secret causes a lot of problems, and she has to miss a lot of BSC meetings. Can she find a solution before her new friends get sick of her disease?

My Thoughts: Yes another Baby-Sitters Club book, oh how I love them. I think what cracks me up about these books (other than the nostalgia purposes) is the drama that is presented is not really ''bad drama''. It's kind of nice to read books (geared for a younger audience) that are not all about sex, drugs and all that other stuff. Once again, well done BSC.

My Grade: B

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  1. I used to LOVE reading The Babysitter's Club. I had all of them, including their special edition books. Not to mention the movie.

    This book was one of my favorites of the series.